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п»їOur Journey to Melbourne!

My kids were pestering me to take them to Melbourne and like nay typical father, I was postponing the idea until my wife said that its time we took a break. So I asked my travel agent to book our cheap flights to Melbourne and get us a 3night/4 day accommodation in Melbourne.
Since we had little time on our hands, so we ended up paying a lot more but our travel agent informed us that had we planned our trip a bit earlier and selected the dates and class of travel carefully we would have got a good deal on our flights to Melbourne and we could have saved a lot on hotel bills as well. So I really regretted not listening to my kids.
Before we reached Melbourne, our travel agent informed us that it was Australia&rsquo;s second largest city and it never fails to impress those who step into its territory with its liveliness and joie de vivre. The high number of searches being made on travel portals for cheap flights to Melbourne reflects the city&rsquo;s popularity amongst round-the-world travelers worldwide.
We rested in our hotel for a day and decided to divide our sightseeing tour into two phases. In the first phase we decided to explore places like the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Crown Entertainment Complex, Gold Treasury Museum, Koala Conservation Centre, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Concert Hall, Melbourne Museum, and the National Gallery of Victoria.
We were quite tired after seeing all these places and decided to stop for lunch at a fine-dining restaurant that offered us a wide variety of options in Chinese and Continental Cuisine. We relaxed in the evening and on the next day we started our second leg of the journey that took us to places like the Eureka Tower, Parliament House, Port Phillip Bay, Royal Melbourne Zoo, Rubik's-cube-shaped Children's Museum, Science Works Museum, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Williamstown Docks, and Williamstown Railway Museum.
If you are also booking your flights to Melbourne then you book their flights and tickets to Melbourne to coincide with a cricket match at MCG that will double the fun quotient on your trip to Melbourne. One can even take excursions to some nearby places like Ballarat, Bellarine Peninsula, Daylesford and Hepbur, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and Phillip Island.
Touring Melbourne is sure to leave you with fond memories&hellip;try it out today!

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